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Today the customer originally had side springs on his 8x7 door and it would jerk like crazy while opening or closing so we switched it over to a front mount torsion spring system and the now door is 100% smooth.


I went to a customer's home today where the opener was pulling the top panel causing it to bend. This is caused from the front mount torsion spring losing its tension. To fix the problem I replaced the spring and the rollers on her door were also bad so I replaced those as well.  The opener now raises the door properly and the door goes up and down as it should.


I got a call today from a customer who was having problems with her garage door not going down, which is a common problem. When I got there I noticed the problem was with her rollers. The bearings were bad and falling out so I replaced them. She had a 3 year old son who was absolutely adorable, he was so fascinated by watching me work that he refused to let his mother take him in! That is until I started my drill then he was outta ther super fast! I went through the rest of her door making adjustments and tightening things up. When I got done the door worked like brand new.